Classroom Management Activities

To Calm Students Down
Music with nature pictures
Age group: All
How it works: When students are entering the classroom, the teacher can play some slow music with sides of nature scenery. This works particularly well when students just have had a PE lesson or recess. It is a good way to calm them down.
Example: Bandari–Early Morning

To Call Attention
1. Fish Face
Age group: All, especially young learners
How it works: When the teacher says “Fish Face”, students are going to do the following face to react. Students have to stop talking in order to follow the direction to do Fish Face.
Example: Image

2. Imitate Animal Sounds
Age group: Elder grade students who have more self-control OR young students when they are learning this part in their content subject.
How it works: When teacher says the name of an animal, students are going to imitate the sound of that particular animal to react. For example, when teacher says “dog”, students are going to say “woof-woof”. But teachers should also be aware that young kids who have less self control might not be able to stop playing with the sounds which could become a problem in class. Therefore, teachers should use this activity carefully.
Related resource: Muffin Songs – Animal Sound Songs (Medley) 

To Group Students:
Age group: All, using different levels of items for different level students
How it works: Teachers give students pictures of different categories, such as five different kinds of flowers, different stones, and different weather. Students need to sort those pictures out by themselves.


There are also many other small activities that we could do with students integrating naturalistic intelligence. Nature is around us. It is very easy to incorporate things from the nature in class. For example, we could ask students to say their name and a flower they like as an Ice Breaker activity.


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