The Power of Naturalistic Intelligence

The Power of Naturalistic Intelligence

How does naturalistic intelligence work? Do we have to bring biology or zoology in to our teaching in order to use naturalistic intelligence?

Students still share the same end goal but they achieve it through different ways. For example, if the goal is to improve writing paragraphs, students with linguistic intelligence might get to writing right away while students with visual-spatial intelligence might draw the things out first to help them organize.

Here we would like to share with you a story called Merengue Dream. It perfectly illustrates how naturalistic intelligence could be utilized as a bridge to the new knowledge. It is a story from the book Color of My Words by Lynn Joseph. It is also available in Bobst Library. (Click the picture above to see the book in amzon.com)

Due to the  document size, we are only able to upload the scan of the story as two separate files on google doc. Please use your nyu account info to sign in to view the story.
Merengue Dream Part I
Merengue Dream Part II