Activity #1

Read Aloud in the ESL Classroom

It is not always easy to take students outside the classroom and allow them to experience nature during the class time. Using stories and poetry with vivid language that has a scope for incorporating all the 5 senses (touch, smell, taste, hear, see) through the use of lucid vocabulary is very helpful. Below is a book recommendation followed by an activity and some suggested variations that you can use in your classroom.

Title: Understanding and Experiencing Naturalistic Intelligence through poetry.

Goal: By the end of the session students write a color poem using the 5 senses to describe how they perceive a particular color in a particular season.

Objectives: To understand the use of descriptive writing through poetry. To understand personification.

Target students: ESL upper intermediate or adult learners

Prerequisite: The students have had a couple sessions on descriptive writing and understanding

personification. This can be a culmination session for the two.


Write down the name of the book in big letters on the class board. Do not show the students the cover of the book yet. After you have written the name of the book, as them the following questions:

  • What do you think the title of the book suggests?
  • Have you ever seen anything that is red and can sing on treetops?
  • Do you see different colors in different seasons? Where do you see these colors?